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PsyD or Bust

Jul 22 '14

When your school increases tuition yet again

Let’s enjoy the bubble before it pops, shall we?

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Jul 17 '14

When anyone wants to talk about school during the summer



I am very protective of my summer

This Throwback Thursday post comes from August 15, 2013!

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Jul 15 '14

Trying to make friends in a new town


You’d think it’d be easier for a psych student…

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Jul 13 '14

Anonymous asked:

I'm starting college this fall and I think I want to pursue a career in psychology. You talked a lot about grad school but do you have any advice for college like freshman year? I'm kinda excited but nervous about it

This sounds like a more general question, so I’ll answer it generally and if you have more specific psychology-related questions, feel free to ask!

The first month (heck, the first semester) of college is all about exploring. For most students, it is the first time they are on their own and in a totally new environment. Put yourself out there and try all the things! Well, all the legal things. Go to as many events as possible. Find the things that interest you. Try the things that sound kind of scary. Sit with new people at lunch. This can be tough for an introvert, but if you budget your energy, you can still do great.

My freshman year, I did some of the events in the first week, then hunkered down in my room for the rest of the semester. I got to be really good friends with my roommate and got good grades, but I never got out of my comfort zone and I wish I had!

But, on the flip side, don’t be totally preoccupied with your social life. You’re in college. Your first priority should be academics. Don’t go to parties every single night. Besides, weekend parties are better anyways and are less likely to be broken up before 10pm. 

I think I mentioned this in a previous ask, but take different electives, even if they have nothing to do with your major. Intro to guitar? Do it! Philosophy of The Simpsons? Heck yes! You might just find something you really love. Just remember to look up when the drop and withdraw dates are.

Good luck! Be smart. Be safe.

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Jul 13 '14

Need clothes for practicum?

Old Navy is having a big sale on uniforms (Sunday only). So, if you’re a poor grad student and you can get away with knakis and polo’s at your practicum, stock up today!


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Jul 10 '14

When you have to work on projects over the summer



The never-ending pile of work

This Throwback Thursday post comes from July 25, 2013!

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Jul 8 '14

Making a reflection your client doesn’t want to hear

Sometimes, the truth hurts. Doesn’t mean I won’t tell it to you.

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Jul 3 '14

Nutrition in grad school



Hey, pizza’s a vegetable now!

This Throwback Thursday post comes from April 26, 2013!

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Jul 1 '14

When your cohort disperses for internship

Perhaps adaptability is my growing edge?

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Jun 26 '14

Cognitive restructuring



Works with clients and classmates alike.

This Throwback Thursday post comes from March 14, 2013!

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