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PsyD or Bust

Sep 1 '14

It’s Labor Day, which means summer is officially over. Which means that PsyD or Bust is back to regularly scheduled programming!

Well, kinda. New posts are going up Monday-Friday, and we’ll continue Throwback Thursday. I’m taking weekends off, cause ain’t nobody got time for that.

I hope everyone had a great summer! Now, back to the grind!

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Aug 31 '14

Anonymous asked:

To get a masters in psych do have those same rules about getting C's??

I honestly have no idea?

Half of me wants to say that grad school isn’t for everyone. It is academically rigorous, and for some people, that is a big hurdle to overcome. But then the other half of me says if it’s something you really want and you are willing to put in the work and get the support you need, then go for it. So yeah, let’s go with optimism today. You can do it!

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Aug 29 '14

Anonymous asked:

I'm not sure what type of psychology to do in grad school I know clinical is the most popular but what exactly do they do as far as their work duties? I tried YouTube and google and didn't get much details.

Practically, there isn’t much difference between clinical psychology and counseling psychology (which is the other major training type). Both can do therapy and assessment with a wide range of clientele. Clinical programs tend to have more emphasis on severe psychopathology, so they would fit well in hospital settings, inpatient units, etc. Counseling psych programs tend to focus more on improving functioning, so they would fit well at college counseling centers, where clients are generally higher functioning. But again, those distinctions are super small and hardly relevant in the real world. 

Most of the resources that talked about clinical psych compared it to counseling. A couple are HERE and HERE

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Aug 28 '14

Anonymous asked:

in grad school to get a doctorate in psych are you allowed to get any C's ?

It would probably depend on the program, but as far as I know, C’s aren’t allowed, and you’d have to take the class again. But, no one ever get’s C’s, at least in my program. If you do the work, you get at least a B. If you do it well, you get an A. If you’re struggling with something, you get help and redo it until you get it right. Specific grades don’t really matter as much in grad school. When applying for internship or a job, no one cares about your GPA. Competency, experience, and recommendations are much more important. 

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Aug 28 '14

When a professor or supervisor makes a bad joke



This Throwback Thursday post comes from September 8, 2013!

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Aug 26 '14

When your advisor goes on sabbatical

Welp, there goes my dissertation….

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Aug 25 '14

Anonymous asked:

noooo who are you in real life?

Wait, Tumblr isn’t real life?


On a serious note, I stay publicly anonymous to protect confidentiality. I wouldn’t want a client or classmate to read one of my snarky comments and assume it’s about them.

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Aug 25 '14

Anonymous asked:

who are you?

I’m PsyD or Bust! Nice to meet you!


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Aug 21 '14

That one classmate who dominates every class discussion



Quality over quantity

This Throwback Thursday post comes from March 21, 2013!

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Aug 19 '14

When your client starts disclosing info in the waiting room


Confidentiality is such a terrible thing to waste

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